Seal Symbolism

Shape and Color of the Sealbalitoc and bolaoan (pure gold earrings of the early Tingguians).

Eight Stars, represent the 8 barangays of the municipality.

Spear and Ax, represent the ancient Tingguian weapons.

Tree, represents the sturdiness, unity and cooperation of the boliney residents.


History and government

During the Spanish regime, Boliney was one of the barangays of the township of Manabo. It was only in 1918 that Boliney became municipal district. With the passage into law of a congressional bill in 1959, Boliney together with another municipal district, Danac,was merged into a single municipal district. The first election for the combined municipal districts was in December 1959.

Boliney has 8 barangays: Poblacion, Amti, Baoyan, Dumagas, Dao-angan, Kilong-olao, Danac East and Danac West.

Its land

          Geographically, the municipality of Boliney is hilly and mountainous with all its 8 barangays situated along the Ikmin River.

The municipality is bounded on the east by the province of Kalinga, on the west by the municipalities of Manabo and Luba, on the north by the municipalities of Bucloc and Sallapan, and on the south by the municipality of Tubo.


Its inhabitants

          Because boliney was once a part of Manabo, most of its first settlers around the 16th and 17th centuries are from Manabo belonging to the masadiit tribe. The masadiit tribe settled on mountains tops idenfied only by the presence of bamboo that they planted. By around 1700 however, the masadiit settlementswere abandoned due to an epidemic that decimited the population coupled with constant attacks from tribal enemies. It is believed that some of the settlers went down to manabo and Bucay with some going to Narvacan, Ilocos sur.

By 1800, the abundant wild life of Boliney attracted hunters not only from Bucloc, Daguioman and Manabo but also from other places as far as mt. province and kalinga. Instead of bringing their provisions during hunting expeditions, these hunters made kaingins in their camps and planted rice and vegetables for their sustenance. Later on, thje hunters brought along with them their families and began constructing small houses where they permanently settled.

At present, the residents are a mixture of 3 distinct tribes namely: the Masadiit Tribe, represented by barangays Poblacion, Baoyan and Dumagas; the Balatok Tribe, represented by barangays Amti, Danac East and Danac West and; the Oplai Tribe, represented by barangays Dao-angan and Kilong-olao. The Masadiit Tribe is comprised by the people coming from Bucloc and Sallapadan while the Oplai Tribe are those inhabitants coming from Belwang, Mountain Province. The Balatok Tribe are those coming from Kalinga.