Headed by Rose Myrna Turqueza, Acting Municipal Election Officer, the  Commission on Elections (COMELEC)-Bangued conducted the Vote Counting Machine (VCM) roadshow for first-time voters  at the Divine Word College of Bangued (DWCB) Gymnasium earlier today.

AB Political Science students, first-time voters of DWCB, and Zone 6 attended the roadshow.

The activity orients the voters on the automated voting system and familiarizes them on the process during the election day.

Police Inspector Gilbert Buli-e of the Municipal Police Station of Bangued also presented the peace and order situation of Bangued. He stated that the incident of crime from the same month of last year decreased from 32 to 12 this year.

Raiza Pinera, one of the students of DWCB said that the activity helped her for the upcoming 2019 National and Local Elections. “As a first-time voter this coming election, as I experienced inserting the ballot in the machine myself, I can now tell that I am confident in voting this coming election without hassle and worries that my vote will be wasted,” Pinera said.

“I hope and expect that we all vote for the right person that will lead us. I also pray that this coming election will be done peaceful and orderly,” Pinera added.

The roadshow will continue to go around the province to orient until February 28, 2019.