The Provincial Government of Abra (PGA) headed by Gov. Joy Bernos supports the Philippine Nikkei-jin Legal Support Center Inc. (PNLSC) in their research on the Japanese nationals who migrated to the Philippines and married to Filipinas before World War II.

PGA coordinates with the different municipalities and distributes tarpaulins to disseminate the program of PNLSC with their contact information to help the possible Japanese descendants of Abra.

Boliney and Tubo are two identified areas in Abra where Japanese may have settled during their invasion in the Philippines.PNLSC, a non-stock and non-profit organization, is helping the Nikkei-jins or Japanese emigrants and their descendants who have established families and communities in a recipient country.Under the Shuseki Project which started in 2005, PNLSC recognizes Nikkei-jins in the country through a legal procedure to make a new family registry based on the final decision of family courts in Japan after a thorough investigation and research.  PNLSCI considers that there are still remaining Nikkei-jins in the Philippines after World War II and still want to find them in the remote areas including Abra.

Nikkei-jins will be registered and officially confirmed by the Family Court of Japan as War-Displaced Japanese Descendants of the Philippines and will become recipients of the Shuseki Project.