On October 19-21, 2018, Girl Scouts of the Philippines-Abra Council conducted an Outdoor Leadership Course for Troop Leaders in the province in celebration of the National Scouting Month.

The troop leaders who have undergone Basic and Age Level Specialization Course were trained on seven basic outdoor skills,troop camp planning, and gadget making such as balitang (bamboo chair), shoe rack, towel rack, and papag (bamboo bed).

Troop leaders were also trained on first aid, bandaging, whistle signal, and hand signals.

According to Council Executive Jocelyn M. Javier of GSP-Abra Council, the main purpose of the Outdoor Leadership Course is to engage troop leaders in activities which will further improve their skills in leading their girls, twinklers, stars, and juniors.

Nu i-rate ta ti out of ten, adda da iti seven or eight,” Javier said rating the troops’ performance.

“Life is a continuous process of learning. Ituloy da ti agadal kadagiti banbanag a mabalin da iyadal wenno i-share kadagiti ubbing a babbai ken uray kadagiti lallaki,” said Javier.