Seal Symbolism

Five Stars, represent the 5 barangays of the municipality.

Rivers Emerging between Mountains, stands for the palsuguan and Tineg Rivers which bisects the barangays of Lagayan.

Fish, Symbolizes the fresh water fishes that thrive in the bodies of water that flow through Lagayan. It is one of the major products upon which the population depend as a source of livelihood.


History and government

Lagayan was coined from the word “laga” which means to weave. According to old folks, there was once a place where a big tree stood. Under the tree were basket weavers. These weavers used to weave container baskets such as “dapilag”, a small hamper used as container for vegetables, “alat”, a container for fish catch, “barekbek”, a fish trap, and other utility baskets which were woven out of bamboo or the native “puser”.

One time, a visitor came to where the weavers were weaving, inquiring about the name of the place. When nobody answered, the visitor aptly called the place “laga” which was later on refined to its present name with the passing of time as “Lagayan”, a term implying a lalagyan or container.

Another source of the name of the municipality is from the word “Laga” because it is where its important bodies of water crisscross each other, the Tineg and Palusuguan Rivers.

Lagayan was created(1926) by virtue of a Spanish Decree to serve as a general purpose political unit for the coordination and delivery of basic, regular, direct services and for the effective governance of its inhabitants by the Spaniards during the time.

At present, Lagayan has 5 barangays as follows: Ba-I, Collago, Pang-ot, Poblacion and Pulot.