On May 12, 2019, Renalyn “Renz” Dacquel shocked the spectators at the Wanchai Convention in Hong Kong when she dominated a more experienced Nanako Suzuki during their DEF Promotions championship boxing match. This time, the striker from Manabo, Abra has set her eyes on kickboxing.

At present, she is now training to represent the Philippines for the Kickboxing Southeast Asian (SEA) Games this November.

She is the 7th out of the 8 children of Mr. Honorato Dacquel, a farmer from Bantaoay Luzong, Manabo and Mrs. Estela Dasalla, a housewife who hails from Quimloong, Bucay.

Dacquel used poverty as an inspiration to help her family. She also became a dishwasher in a restaurant in La Trinidad. She is an Alternative Learning System (ALS) graduate in 2018. According to Dacquel, time management is the key to pursuing her dreams because she needs to allot her time for school, training, and work.

Her brother, Rene Dacquel, also a boxer, introduced the sport to her. She took the risk even if she knew that boxing is a dangerous sport.

“Awan ti rigat a makalapped iti tao nga adda arapaapna,” Renz Dacquel said.