Ordinance No. 205 (s. 2013) prohibits the use of plastic bags on dry goods, regulates its utilization on wet goods, and bans the use of styrofoam in the Province of Abra prescribes penalty thereof.

The ordinance aims to regulate the use of plastic bags to prevent potential serious ecological imbalance particularly in the creeks, rivers, and other waterways.

The Environment and Natural Resources Office (ENRO) is tasked to monitor the enforcement of the ordinance by submitting periodic reports. The implementing body is composed of the Provincial Planning and Development Office (PPDO), Department of Education (DepEd), Department of Health (DOH), and Local Government Unit’s Municipal Planning and Development Council (MPDC).

Section 11 of the ordinance states the prohibited acts wherein establishments and/or individuals are prohibited from selling and providing plastic bags to customers as secondary packaging materials on wet goods, selling and providing plastic bags to customers as packaging material on dry goods, selling and providing styrofoam as containers and disposing of plastic wastes.

Section 12 states the penalties of all establishments violating the ordinance. First offenders will be fined P1,000.00. Second-time offenders will be fined P2,000.00. Third-time offenders will be fined P5,000.00 and or imprisonment of more than six months upon the discretion of the court and in the case of business establishments, cancellation of their license to operate for a period of one year.