The Provincial Health Office and Philippine Red Cross-Abra Chapter conducted a bloodletting activity at the Abra Electric Cooperative on May 21, 20019, to ensure its supply especially during emergencies.

Donors underwent recruitment sessions to prepare and teach the importance of donating blood–which is saving lives!

Provincial Blood Program coordinator Lilibeth Martin said bloodletting activities were also done in other agencies and LGUs like Abra State Institute of Sciences and Technology, Department of Environment and Natural Resources-Abra, Bucloc, Langiden, Malibcong, Manabo, and Tubo from February to April 2019.

She said these were the results of the advocacy in Abra which is called SALAKNIB (Saving And Loving Abra by Knowing and Networking in the implementation of Blood Services).  

SALAKNIB is composed of health personnel from the Provincial Health Office, Department of Health, and Abra Provincial Hospital with the blood councils of LGUs working together for advocacies of the blood program. Blood councils keep records of possible blood donors with their blood types.

The blood network monitors blood supply, and strategizes ways to obtain blood units like blood donor recruitment, awareness campaigns, and blood typing.  

Luba, Dolores, Lagangilang, San Juan, Langiden, Tayum, Manabo, Tubo, Bangued, Malibcong, La Paz, and Danglas became more supportive in the blood program because of the increased awareness.