The National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP-Abra) held a consultation dialogue and data collection with the elders, barangay health workers, rural health unit, barangay officials, and barangay and municipal Indigenous Peoples Mandatory Representatives (IPMRs) of Licuan-Baay for the documentation and promotion of indigenous peoples traditional health beliefs and practices of Binongan tribe on April 1, 2019.

The project aims to foster health-seeking behaviors of the IPs of Licuan-Baay through education of existing health practices in relation to accepted medical norms. It also aims to make an archive of the historical beliefs and practices observed by the IP community for future references.

According to Community Development Officer Reynalda Timbreza, the data collection will be conducted for the whole month of April. The key informants will present their health beliefs, its origin, and demonstrate health practices. However, health practices and beliefs contrary to the policies of the Department of Health will no longer be recommended.

The collected data will be published in a month after the consolidation and finalization of the document.