Vice Governor Ronald S.  Balao-as emphasized that Abreños are one despite the cultural differences among the Tingguian tribes and the Ilocanos at the opening program of the Iloko Tingguian Festival on March 6, 2019 at Abra Sports Center.

“Ilocano and Tingguian, we are all Abreños,” he said.

Each Tingguian tribe has a different language, beliefs, and rituals. Despite the differences, they are united with Ilocanos through the years in preserving the heritage, culture, and tradition of the province.

Iloko Tingguian Festival: Panagyaman highlights the joyful celebration of thanksgiving through the native dances, rituals, and songs from the different tribes such as Inlaud, Muyadan, Balatoc, Belwang, Banaw, Gubang, Mabaka, Maeng, Adasen, Binongan, and Masadiit.

Insalay is one of cultural dances performed by Tingguians during the Begnas Festival. It is a celebration for good harvest and expressing gratitude to Kabunian.

Other rituals presented like Kalkalimusta, Buda, Duayya, and Sab-ong or dowry, are some of the marriage rituals with ethnic songs and dances accompanied by gansa (a single hand-held smooth surfaced gong with a narrow rim) as way of wishing for the couple to live harmoniously.

Ilokanos presented “In-innapet”, a kind of prayer offering rice and chicken to the ancestors. They also showed their traditional livelihood called “Panagdapil”.

Gov. Joy Bernos awarded a certificate of appreciation and P20,000 subsidy to every performing LGU.