Today (February 27, 2019), the Abra Dental Chapter (ADC) lectured students from the Abra State Institute of Sciences and Technology (ASIST) Bangued Campus on oral health awareness. This is the last batch of students visited by the campaign.

The students were taught proper brushing, dental procedures, braces installation, and the campaign against illegal practitioners of dentistry in the province.

According to ADC Vice President Ramarie Dickson, they already have the list of illegal practitioners. She also said that they already warned students who are selling do-it-yourself braces. Dickson also mentioned that there is already one case of illegal dental practice solved in the province but it will be confidential.

She also cited tips on how to recognize illegal practitioners, fake braces, and the consequences in patronizing illegal dentists.

ADC President Elect  Karen also urged the students to report illegal practitioners to the Abra Dental Chapter. Karen also said that there will be a reward for those who can give vetted information backed with evidence against these illegal practitioners. They may contact Dr. Karen at 09052821790.  

The Abra Dental Chapter also distributed toothbrushes and toothpaste to the students.

Executive Dean Leo Pasos also expressed his deepest gratitude for having the students of ASIST as participants for the activity.