On behalf of CSC-Abra Director II Perfecto Cardenas, Senior HR Specialist Fermina Wacquisan delivered a Pep Talk for the month as they celebrate 118th Philippine Civil Service Anniversary: Lingkod Bayani Maka-Diyos, Makatao, at Makabayan at the Capitol  grounds.

Wacquisan said that the Civil Service Commission (CSC) continues to respond to the everchanging human resource demand of public service by implementing the human resource initiative. She also said that the celebration of the Philippine Civil Service Anniversary is not just for the department but the bureau as well.

She also said that the anniversary reminds the important role of public servants and celebrates the achievements and contributions of men and women in the government who uphold the country.

She also encouraged her fellow public servants to support, cooperate, and join the month long celebration of the PCSC in the province.