Thirteen Abra Provincial Jail inmates attend Accreditation and Equivalency (A&E) classes by DepEd Bangued district ALS teachers Rhea R. Linggayo and Michell O. Pariñas.

The inmates are currently enrolled in the A&E classes of the Department of Education Bangued district Alternative Learning System.

Prison Guard 1 Julie Anne Bello said “The main objective of having the A&E in Abra Provincial Jail is for the residents to acquire knowledge during their stay which will later on help them in their future careers”.

The Community Learning Center at Abra Provincial Jail started in 2013. The Accreditation and Equivalency classes are being held every Wednesday.

ALS teachers Rhea Linggayo and Michell Pariñas also mentioned that former residents who underwent A&E during their rehabilitation period are already employed in some establishments in the province.

Alternative Learning System (ALS) A&E classes takes more or less 10 months to complete. Performance will be assessed in preparation for the Accreditation and Equivalency Test that will be given to students. Passers will have the chance to enroll for a college degree or technical courses.